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What to Expect from the LANAP Procedure

Last updated 5 years ago

Today, dental technology provides comfortable and effective treatment to reverse the effects of gum disease. The Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP, is a revolutionary new laser treatment that eliminates gum disease and encourages healing of the gums. Dr. Snitzer of Colorado Advanced Dentistry is licensed to provide this treatment to patients to improve oral and overall health.

How LANAP Works
The LANAP procedure uses a thin laser fiber to remove diseased gum tissue and promote healing. No other procedure has been found to facilitate reattachment of gum tissue to the tooth roots following cleaning and treatment of gum disease. Additionally, the use of laser technology allows for this procedure to be performed comfortably with only local anesthesia so that you can return to work or other activities after your dental appointment. Full treatment with LANAP requires two sessions of two hours each: one visit to treat each half of your mouth.

What LANAP Treatment Entails
After administering local anesthetic as needed, your dentist will insert a laser fiber into the pocket between your gums and your teeth. The laser removes diseased tissue while preserving healthy gum tissue. Next, using a sonic scaler and other instruments, your dentist will remove bacterial buildup from the roots of your teeth. The laser fiber is then reinserted and used to seal off gum tissue to prevent bacteria from entering the gum pocket in the future. The gum tissue is then gently pressed against the clean tooth root to reestablish a healthy connection between the tooth and gums. A high-speed tool may be used to adjust the surface of your teeth if your bite has been affected by the progression of gum disease, after which the procedure is completed and your gums will be allowed to heal.

You can learn more about LANAP and how it can help you smile healthier by calling Colorado Advanced Dentistry today at (720) 420-1103. Dr. Snitzer will answer all of your questions to ensure that you receive the best treatment for your needs. You’ll find more information about LANAP and the other dental procedures we offer by visiting our website


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