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5 Advances in Dental Technology That Improve Your Level of Care

Last updated 6 years ago

Dentistry has come a long way from the painful scraping and poking you may remember from childhood. Advances in technology have improved cleaning methods, gum disease treatment, and the way that dental histories are obtained. Colorado Advanced Dentistry is committed to equipping our office and staff with cutting-edge knowledge and technology for everything from routine cleanings to laser gum therapy. Here is some of the latest technology that is improving dental care:

  1. LANAP Laser Gum Therapy: Painful, invasive gum disease treatment is a thing of the past. Laser gum treatment efficiently eliminates gum disease and leaves you with a healthy, beautiful smile.
  2. Digital X-Rays: This leading X-ray technology is more efficient and safe than old film X-rays, as it uses less radiation and provides instant images of your teeth. The large screens allow you and your dentist to immediately review the X-ray results.
  3. Intraoral Cameras: During cleaning or treatment, intra oral cameras are used to show you exactly what your dentist is talking about on a large screen in real time. This way, you can understand exactly where and what is being discussed, whether it’s worn enamel or signs of gum disease.
  4. Digital Photos: Instantly available photos of your teeth give you an outside perspective on your smile, allowing you to address issues and concerns more effectively.
  5. Digital Charting: All of your past photos and X-rays are kept digitally, allowing for easy review of your dental history. Additionally, periodontal gum measurements are kept digitally, which makes tracking the progression of your gums from visit to visit and diagnosing gum disease easy and efficient.

If you are ready to take your dental care into the 21st century, schedule an appointment with Colorado Advanced Dentistry today. Our offices are equipped with the latest technology to keep your smile attractive and healthy. Whether you need a cleaning or are concerned about gum disease, call (720) 420-1103 to schedule an appointment.



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