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The Advantages LANAP Has Over Traditional Gum Disease Treatment

Last updated 6 years ago

A staggering 50% of Americans have periodontal disease, which refers to gum infections that can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease, which encompasses periodontitis and gingivitis, is typically caused by poor dental hygiene. If you are one of the many Americans that have painful, swollen gums, then you should consider LANAP treatment rather than the traditional gum disease treatments.

  • What is LANAP? This breakthrough in periodontal treatments allows you to avoid the scalpels of traditional gum surgeries. LANAP is a laser alternative that repairs the damage inflicted to your gums and treats the infected areas without having the painful and invasive procedure that involves cutting into your gums.
  • How does it work? During LANAP, a laser directs a small amount of energy between your gums and teeth, which removes the diseased tissue that causes the infection. This procedure is done without any type of incision, which means that no stitches are required. Little to no bleeding occurs during laser gum surgery, which is unusual during the traditional gum disease surgeries.
  • Are the results from LANAP better than the results from other treatments? The answer to this is yes, as laser gum therapy is much more effective at treating gum disease than the older methods. And it also leads to a much quicker recovery, as you do not have to hassle with taking care of stitches and healing any gum wounds.

If you are searching for a dentist that offers LANAP laser gum treatment, come to Colorado Advanced Dentistry in Lakewood. We pride ourselves in helping you maintain good dental hygiene by using advanced technology like laser gum surgery treatments. Visit our website or call (720) 420-1103 for more information about our dental services.


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