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4 Reasons To Have Your Old Amalgam Fillings Replaced With Natural-Looking Composite Fillings

Last updated 6 years ago

If your mouth is still full of those old, metallic fillings that were inserted into your teeth years ago, then you may want to consider making the switch to more natural-looking composite fillings. Here are four great reasons to upgrade your old amalgam fillings:

               1.      Stronger Teeth

Since composite fillings are actually bonded into the matrix of the tooth structure, they strengthen your teeth and help hold it together. Opt for more resilient and sturdy teeth by having your dentist replace your old metallic fillings with stronger and more effective ones.

                2.      Steady Size

Silver fillings expand or contract due to temperature change. If your fillings change size whenever you drink hot or cold beverages, then your teeth may become sensitive, experience pain, and might even crack. Since composite fillings aren’t made of a metal that expands or contracts in such a manner, you will be able to safely drink a variety of beverages without worrying about sensitivity or tooth damage.

                3. Less Invasive

If you are terrified at the thought of somebody drilling holes in your teeth, then you should definitely choose natural-looking composite fillings over amalgam fillings. Although the dentist still must remove some of your tooth because of the cavity, much less of the tooth will need to be removed, which means less drilling is involved.

               4. Natural Appearance

For most people, this is the biggest benefit of composite fillings. Instead of having a mouthful of silver fillings, your teeth will look all-natural, and after a while, you probably won’t even remember which teeth have fillings!

To have your old fillings swapped for new, unnoticeable ones, come in to Colorado Advanced Dentistry in Lakewood, Colorado. We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and laser gum therapy, so rely on us to help you achieve the best oral hygiene possible. Visit our website or call (720) 420-1103 for more information about our dental practice.


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